[allyson] & goji

[the fastest woman in the world] & goji

and with a 21.81 200m time, we’re surprised the spoon could keep up! [me] & goji would like to congratulate allyson felix for being named the national sports ambassador for the Children’s Miracle Network and being appointed to the President’s Fitness and Sports Council!

the purpose of the council is to promote, encourage and motivate americans of all ages to become physically active and participate in sports. her appointment ties right in with one of her off-the-track passions, Glisten. Started a few months ago with her brother Wes, Glisten is a free fitness e-newsletter for women who are trying to live healthier lifestyles. that’s something [me] & goji definitely supports!

as for cereal, allyson recommends a granola base with cinnamon, cranberry and apple. try it out today and you too could be on your way to an olympic gold medal (or maybe just a healthy breakfast).  for more information on allyson check out her website!

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customer feedback has proven that half the fun of designing your own cereal or granola is naming it. so, i thought this would be something fun to start. these are real names from real, live cereal eating people!

1) Making Breakfast Cool Again
2) A Graceful Bowl of Superiority in the Midst of Controlled Chaos
3) Nastia Liukin (the gold medal gymnast has simple, bold taste!)
4) MOMMA LORI’S MIX- don’t eat me, thanks
5) Bet you’re not going to use milk

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the revolution is here

January 23, 2009


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the man behind the magic

January 19, 2009


over the last few months, we have received several inquiries and compliments on our website.  while the three of us would like to take credit for its charm and whit, nothing would have been possible without josh (pictured above).  josh has been the constant anchor in alexander’s life, from the all-star goalie on their childhood soccer team to the web building guru of [me] & goji.

[me] & goji would like to publicly congratulate josh for getting engaged last month and look to forward to his wedding celebration! if only we could think of a gift to give him…

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new ingredients!

January 17, 2009

due to your suggestions, we now offer:


quinoa flakes

chocolate chips


we’ll be featuring each new ingredient in depth in the coming days. start mixing! and keep your suggestions coming.

SELF magazine feature!

January 15, 2009

pick up the february issue of SELF magazine (the one with Pam from The Office on the cover) and check us out in the “Eat-Right Flash” on page 94!!


what?  internships at [me] & goji.
why?  adam’s parents started asking for a salary and benefits!

in all cerealness, we are assembling a team of college students to intern for [me] & goji during the winter, spring and summer semesters. as a small company, mini-gojis (MGs) will have the chance to work alongside adam, carl, and alexander in turning [me] & goji into a cereal powerhouse!  all you need is internet-access and access to both sides of your brain.

MGs will work on the ground level of to gain experience in an exciting start up. the type of experience business school students read about after they graduate college, work in corporate, take the gmat to “keep their options open,” realize they are caught in a rat race and need to start a company but want the safety net of business school in case it doesn’t work out. trust us, we’ve been there, it ain’t pretty.

interested? email your resume to contact@meandgoji.com along with your availability dates and a brief description of why you would be a good fit for our company; specifically, what can you provide us and what you are looking to gain from your internship. also include any additional information you feel we should know.  if we get a good feeling about you, we’ll follow up with more information. good luck future mini-gojis!

sincerealy yours,

adam, alexander & carl

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new year, new you!

January 12, 2009


and a new bowtie for carl!

on behalf of [me] & goji, this dapper young gentleman would like to extend his personal thanks to everyone who took part in bringing [me] & goji to where it is today (he doesn’t dress up for just anyone). our first four months have been a wonderful journey and we are only getting started.

to show our appreciation, we offering 10% off all [me] & goji orders for the month of January!  just enter the coupon code BOWTIE upon checkout.

as you can see, carl’s new year, new you resolution is to dress more like a proper adult (his interpretation does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of [me] & goji!), but enough about carl, we want to know more about you!  send your new year, new you resolutions to contact@meandgoji.com. at the end of the month, we will crown our favorite entry with a free Cereal Capsule.

here is to a wonderful 2009!

sincerealy yours,

adam, alexander & carl

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[me] & goji goes radio!

January 11, 2009

aging backwards

we are certain Marconi hoped his invention of wireless telegraphy could one day be used to inform the world about healthy, customized cereal. well the day has arrived! one of our favorite people, Jackie, the ageless wonder and health/beauty expert at Aging Backwards, ran a great segment about [me] & goji on her Tampa Bay radio program, Beauty School.

download it here and have a listen to Jackie and her friends talk about their order! [skip forward to the 1:26 mark to hear our feature.]

tune in next time on goji FM for our feature on NPR Los Angeles…

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…so long as your questions pertain to [me] & goji.  we are pleased to announce we have added a frequently asked questions (faq) page to our website.  after 4 months of wonderful feedback, we compiled a list of the most asked about topics and answered all of them on a simple web page.

cosmic questions like: what is the shelf life of my cereal?  what if i don’t like my mix?  is carl single? have been assessed and answered.  but because we are in the answer-giving mood, we’ll tell you now: 3 months, send it back free of charge and yes.

we hope the faq page will allow carl to spend less time answering [me] & goji emails, and more time answering match.com emails! just because we have an faq page, does not mean we aren’t interested in hearing what you have to say. reach out to us anytime with questions or comments at contact@meandgoji.com!