farm sanctuary – winter wonderland event

December 2, 2008

we’ll be in NYC on Thursday for the Farm Sanctuary event, which we are a sponsor of.

farm sanctuary X me & goji

farm sanctuary X me & goji

Farm Sanctuary is a nationwide organizaion that combats the abuses of factory farming and to encourage a new awareness and understanding about “farm animals.”

The Winter Wonderland event is on thursday, December 4th and includes a silent auction to raise $$ for the cause…and some yummy food from the top vegan restaurants in NYC!

If you are in NYC, come support this great cause and event with us!  tickets are still available here.

QUESTION: is [me] & goji vegan?

ANSWER: The only ingredients we have that are not vegan are: Golden Granola Choco-Goji Granola and our Chocolate-Covered items (peanuts, cranberries and gojis) which contain either honey or milk.

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  1. […] December 16, 2008 a couple weeks ago, we posted about the event we sponsored for Farm Sanctuary. […]

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