otis says: “go celtics!”

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lucy (and her lil one) from Glow Mama recently review [me] & goji.

“anything that can get our fussy toddler eating (not only eating but running to the cupboard and whining until he gets it) is a winner.”

thanks lucy!

-if you place an order by Friday the 19th at 10.am. EST we will guarentee shipping by X-Mas.

-gift certificates can be ordered up until the 23rd at 5 p.m. EST to guarentee delivery!  we will e-mail them to you as a .pdf attachment.   HO HO HO!!

a couple weeks ago, we posted about the event we sponsored for Farm Sanctuary.

the event was a blast!  we met lots of cool people like Chloe Jo from GirlieGirl Army, John from Boston Baked Bonz (vegan doggie treats!), Cory Feldman, Jennifer Coolidge, and Marcia from Blackwell’s Organic Gelato.

adam with Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur

adam with Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur

the event was a huge success and raised lots of money toward taking care of hundreds of animals that were rescued from natural disasters around the country.

for us, it was a great opportunity to talk up [me] & goji to lots of like-minded people (and enjoy some wintry cocktails).  we were pleasantly surprised to discover how many people had already heard of us and ordered before!

one more pic…

jennifer coolidge (aka stifler's mom)

jennifer coolidge (aka stifler's mom)

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building green and killing birds…

greenboston.com had an interesting article this morning about a contradicting after-effect of building “green.”

read the article here.

“An estimated 5 percent of the country’s bird population – or about a billion birds – die each year by crashing into buildings they cannot see”

“Last year, the US Postal Service spent more than $200,000 on such a film to reduce bird kills on a Manhattan building after a local Audubon volunteer corps counted more than 330 dead birds near it during a 2 1/2-month period.”

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fastcompany.com reviews meandgoji.com

fastcompany.com reviews meandgoji.com

our good friend at Fast Company, saabira, aka an itinerant mind, recently reviewed [me] & goji.

read the review

save on shipping by ordering 2 or more mixes: each additional mix is only $1.90 (in the U.S. only). regular USPS rates still apply for the first mix. estimate shipping for 1st mix here.


“O Canada! Our home and native land!”

beauty of a tune, eh?

when starting [me] & goji, we considered shipping to our friendly neighbors to the north. unfortunately, pricey international shipping rates and alexander’s obsession with the Detroit Red Wings prevented it.  but after several inquires from Canucks and hours convincing alexander that Pittsburgh is the real threat, we are proud to announce that we ship to Canada!

shipping is determined by USPS rates.

canadians everywhere can now log onto our website and design their own cereal! we suggest enjoying it in the morning with a double double.

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we’ll be in NYC on Thursday for the Farm Sanctuary event, which we are a sponsor of.

farm sanctuary X me & goji

farm sanctuary X me & goji

Farm Sanctuary is a nationwide organizaion that combats the abuses of factory farming and to encourage a new awareness and understanding about “farm animals.”

The Winter Wonderland event is on thursday, December 4th and includes a silent auction to raise $$ for the cause…and some yummy food from the top vegan restaurants in NYC!

If you are in NYC, come support this great cause and event with us!  tickets are still available here.

QUESTION: is [me] & goji vegan?

ANSWER: The only ingredients we have that are not vegan are: Golden Granola Choco-Goji Granola and our Chocolate-Covered items (peanuts, cranberries and gojis) which contain either honey or milk.

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