reviews [me] & goji

November 18, 2008

Kids Know Stuff is a supercool concept from a supercool mom who decided she would stop guessing what her kids liked and start asking them!   recently, Maya–the most renowned and harshest food critic since anton ego from Ratatouille–reviewed the cereal she designed.

the result? maya is not impressed with the dark chocolate covered cranberries, but we were fortunate to get her stamp of approval in the end along with the cutest 10 seconds of video we’ve ever seen on the internet!  thanks maya and noah!


2 Responses to “ reviews [me] & goji”

  1. […] Congratulations! We’ll email your discount code to you right this minute. And thanks again to [me] & Goji! Did you know they have a blog? They do, and they linked to Maya’s review! […]

  2. dawn said

    I’m Noah’s mom and I gotta say — you guys are awesome! I just love the way you’ve handled this whole review shindig and yes, my kid loves your cereal!!

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