November 27, 2008

we sent out our first newsletter yesterday and from now on will be sending updates on a conistant basis. for those of you who use e-mail as a marketing tool, we use a service called A Weber that is great.

there is a newsletter sign-up field on the bottom of our homepage. be sure to enter your e-mail so you can stay privvy of the latest happenings and adventures of [me] & goji!

happy thanksgiving!  throw some goji’s in your stuffing!


hot off the [me] & goji press

Headlines don’t sell papes. Newsies sell papes.” – Jack Kelly, Newsies, 1992

extra, extra, eat all about it! [me] & goji is proud to announce that we have updated our press page. more important than the page itself, is all the wonderful feedback we’ve gotten from the media. while it is reassuring to have our mothers tell us how great a job we are doing, it is always nice to hear others say it.

a special thanks to all the writers who helped out the little guy by featuring [me] & goji in their publications. a sincere apology goes out to Jack Kelly, aka Christian Bale. lucky for him, the Batman franchise has picked up again, or else he would be out of a job!

check out our slick new page and read the reviews for yourself:

Kids Know Stuff is a supercool concept from a supercool mom who decided she would stop guessing what her kids liked and start asking them!   recently, Maya–the most renowned and harshest food critic since anton ego from Ratatouille–reviewed the cereal she designed.

the result? maya is not impressed with the dark chocolate covered cranberries, but we were fortunate to get her stamp of approval in the end along with the cutest 10 seconds of video we’ve ever seen on the internet!  thanks maya and noah!

[girls on the run] & goji

It’s not often we come across an idea as good as [me] & goji, but credit must be given to the wonderful people at Girls on the Run for their amazing nonprofit prevention program that encourages preteen girls to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles through running. Started by Molly Barker, a four-time Hawaii Ironman triathlete (Carl gets tired just thinking about it), Girls on the Run provides a curriculum to  address all aspects of girls’ development – their physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being.  Today, there are Girls on the Run programs in over 150 cities across North America, with tens of thousands of girls and women participating!

So when Girls on the Run Chicago asked if we’d like to be involved in one of their events, we couldn’t refuse! This November 17th, for the Girls on the Run annual fundraiser, [me] & goji will be donating customized cereal mixes to be placed in VIP gift bags. We look forward to hearing their responses!

For more information or to support this wonderful cause, check out and

[me] & goji goes impersonal

November 15, 2008

for the first time, [me] & goji could care less who you are! well that’s not entirely true, but we have added a level of anonymity to the checkout process. we understand not everyone is comfortable or has time in their hectic life to register before purchasing a cereal. so instead of having to create a [me] & goji alias (our favorite has been alexander’s dad McGiver-esque attempt with Mr. Cereal McCerealFace) to order your cereal, you can bypass the registration process and go directly to checkout!

anonymous checkout

we encourage all of our customers to create an account for easier check out, reordering and other convenient features. also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter for updates, stories and chances to win free cereal!

the holiday mix

November 14, 2008


with black friday peeking at us from the corner, we thought it was time to add our first annual Holiday Mix.

so here it is. chock-full of vibrant reds and greens and introducing a special ingredient: cinnamon apple! for the holiday season, we took our light fluffy, flavorful apple, and dusted it with a warm hint of cinnamon to produce a sensation your taste buds haven’t experienced since mom’s hot apple cider!


we’re on Twitter

November 6, 2008

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each month Thrillist highlights the most fowarded features from their lists. we were lucky enough to make the list this month!


what is thrillist?

the original [me] & goji feature

the “Best of the Best” feature
(and congrats to our good friend Lee at Drukker Enterprises who was featured right above us! pretty cool)

thanks to everyone who supported us!