4 new ingredients added!! introducing: goldenberries

October 27, 2008

get your tastebuds ready; we just added 4 new premium ingredients.  guaranteed you have never tried (or maybe even heard of) at least one of them!

we are going to profile each of them here this week.  first up:

goldenberries (aka gooseberries aka incan berries)

goldenberries: yummy little nuggets

discover why you need to these delicious superfoods in your cereal after the jump
(past superfood featured: raw caocao nibs)

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the rush is on, and it’s sweet and sour
aka gooseberries or incan berries, these exotic south american superfoods have a tarty, zesty, sweet and sour kick…they explode with taste. while they are rich on your tastebuds, they are wealthy on your body: big time bioflavonoids and un-fruit-like levels of protein make this fruit worthy of its name.

health benefits: rich in biofavonoids and antioxidants – very high protein for a fruit – rich in phosphorus, vitamins a, c, and b.


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