[pink] & goji

October 3, 2008

[me] & goji partners with Pink Door for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

october is breast cancer awareness month and we are excited to announce our partnership with Pink Door, an amazing nonprofit whose mission is helping survivors in their life after cancer.

we have created a special [pink] & goji mix consisting of cancer-fighting superfoods.  $1 of each [pink] & goji mix will be donated to Pink Door. view the mix here

also, similar to our Green Tags, we will be offering a $1 Pink Tag at checkout during October where 100% of the proceeds go to Pink Door.

view the mix & read the press release after the jump…  

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[me] & goji Goes Pink!
Custom Cereal Website Joins Forces with Pink Door Nonprofit for
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

BARRINGTON, NH, October 2008— [me] & goji, the company that is changing the way Americans think about cereal, has joined the fight against breast cancer with the creation of their new [pink] & goji Mix, a blend of all natural and organic ingredients known for their cancer fighting properties. The cereal will be shipped to customers straight to their doors, and, in addition, $1 from every [pink] & goji sale will be donated to Pink Door Nonprofit Organization, an organization dedicated to helping all single, divorced, or widowed women cancer survivors get back on their feet after cancer

“Beyond selling cereal, our mission is to inspire healthier lifestyles and create an atmosphere on our site where users can learn and explore,” said co-founder Adam Sirois. “With our [pink] & goji Mix, we believe we have something that our customers will have fun with, and that will bring attention to an important cause.”

[me] & goji launched in September with an interactive web site that gives users the opportunity to create their own customized cereal from over 40-plus all natural and organic ingredients and have it shipped straight to their doors in a unique, aesthetically pleasing Cereal Capsule. During October, the company is also providing users the opportunity to donate to Pink Door without purchasing the [pink] & goji Mix. Customers can create their own mix and then, during checkout, they will be given the option to donate $1 to Pink Door.

“When we decided to create this mix for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to carefully choose an organization with a unique mission,” said Sirois. “Pink Door’s focus on opportunity really struck a chord with us.”

Pink Door, a relatively new organization, was founded upon the principle of “Opening a door to a whole new way of life” for all single, divorced, and widowed female cancer survivors.  Founder Cortney Cole formed Pink Door with the mission of helping survivors in their life after cancer with initiatives including:  the “Women in Pink” Scholarship Fund, educational classes, recruiting events and support groups.

“We are delighted to partner with [me] & goji during Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” said Cole. “[me] & goji’s basic principles are completely in line with the lifestyle we hope survivors can obtain through our organization. We’re very grateful for the donations from the [pink] & goji Mix.”

The Pink mix will cost 14 dollars. For more information, to design your own cereal, or to donate to Pink Door, go to http://www.meandgoji.com.


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