our 3rd new ingredient of the week: organic golden raisins from the Hunza region in the Himalayas

hunza golden raisin

hunza golden raisin

along with their unique sweet taste, these gorgeous raisins add bright yellows and greens to your cereal.

learn more about these superfoods after the jump

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new ingredient: raspberries

October 29, 2008

introducing our 2nd of 4 new ingredients added this week:



discover some of the benefits of these delectable rubies after the jump

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get your tastebuds ready; we just added 4 new premium ingredients.  guaranteed you have never tried (or maybe even heard of) at least one of them!

we are going to profile each of them here this week.  first up:

goldenberries (aka gooseberries aka incan berries)

goldenberries: yummy little nuggets

discover why you need to these delicious superfoods in your cereal after the jump
(past superfood featured: raw caocao nibs)

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new base: granola!

October 23, 2008

due to popular demand, we have added our yummy granola as a base. crunch away!

[thrillist] & goji

October 22, 2008

we were featured on one of our favorites, monday: thrillist!

[me] & goji on thrillist nation. cereal. is. in.[me] & goji on thrillist nation.  cereal. is. in.

we need your help: please click on the link and share/forward it to your friends through the privided links in the feature so we can be on their end of the month “hot list”!

expo east

October 17, 2008

as many foodies and greenies are probably aware of, the largest natural products show, expo east, is going on. adam, alexander and carl have been tirelessly roaming the endless aisles of new products and suppliers looking for ways to make [me] & goji better and announce to the industry the first custom cereal company!

the good news is we will be adding a few exciting new ingredients very soon. some you have heard of and asked us for. some you have not yet heard of, but need to know about!

the bad news is carl has blisters from walking around the enormous (and impressive) boston convention center.

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reminder: for the month of october we are partnered with the Pink Door nonprofit. we are offering a special [pink] & goji mix as well as offering a $1 Pink Tag at checkout on all other mixes which is donated in full to the Pink Door.

check us out on the Pink Door homepage:

so far it has been extremely successful. thank you to everyone that has already supported our [pink] initiative!

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[] & goji

October 12, 2008

check us out on’s vitamin g, a daily health and fitness blog, by sarah jio.

read the article.

thanks sarah!

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[pilates] & goji

October 12, 2008

cara from east street pilates in rochester, michigan received her first [me] & goji order this week.

she says, “i am loving my cereal and promoting it like crazy to my pilates classes!”

thanks, cara!

check out

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